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  • Posted on February 15, 2017
  • The views of the Mediterranean Sea are spectacular from Barcelona and the history and the culture are almost as fantastic. Many of the buildings in the Gothic Quarter have historic significance and those that are have been listed on the World Heritage Sites List. The Sagrada Familia Church is also located there and while they began construction in 1882, it is not planned on being finished until the year 2026.

    A peaceful and relaxing destination in Barcelona is the Magic Fountain that was designed by Carles Büigas for the 1929 Barcelona International Exposition. Before the Olympics in 1992, music was incorporated with the water and lights of the fountain, so now it can really be seen as a magical place. The Four Columns that used to stand where the fountain is located were reconstructed and placed nearby.

    Park Güell is another place that people like to visit when they want to get away from the busyness of the big city. This public park is located in Carmel Hill and it is filled with gardens full of flowers and greenery. The mosaics on the terrace that overlook the gardens are amazing and people could potentially become mesmerized and stare at them all day long. Picnic lunches, short naps, and meditation are things that many people participate in while they are inside this park.

    There is nothing better than the markets in Barcelona. Each one is filled with local foods and merchandise and it is possible to barter with the sellers for an even better price than what is being offered at first. The La Boqueria Market sells fresh fruit, fresh from the sea fish, and even a whole sheep’s head. Cagnares are the little figures that people use in their nativity scenes in this country and it is possible to purchase them at one of the markets. Some of the Cagnares for sale can be from the 18th century, but no matter which one a person buys, they can look forward to hope and fertilization in the new year.

    The country of Spain is much more than just the running of the bulls and many people will find that they want to visit multiple cities while they are in the country. Barcelona is one of the top choices, because people can be in a busy city while still experiencing the pleasantness and tranquility of nature.

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