• Best Mountains to Hike in the United States

  • Posted on August 25, 2017
  • The mountains in the United States offer some fantastic hiking trails and while many of them are okay, some of them are quite amazing. Many of these hikes can be done by people of any age, while a few are better left for those who are more experienced.

    Here are the best mountains to hike in the United States:

    The Grand Canyon
    The Grand Canyon is massive and there are multiple areas for people to go hiking. Most people will venture along the well-worn Bright Angel Trail, since there are many amenities along the way. However, the more serious hikers will choose to hike somewhere near the North Rim, where the backwoods camping is available.

    Glacier National Park
    This park has more than one hundred and thirty lakes and numerous waterfalls, so many of the hikes have extraordinary scenery. Hikers can choose an easy trail like the Trail of the Cedars or they can choose one of the more challenging ones like the Grinnell Glacier. There is a good chance that hikers will spot some wildlife on their adventures as there is an abundance of mountain goats, elk, and grizzly bears within the park.

    Banff will have many people reminiscing about the Swiss skiing villages of the Alps as all the hikes last a day and people can then relax in a warm and cozy hotel room at night. There are eighty trails that people can hike and one of them, the Tunnel Mountain Trail, offers views of the hoodoo rock formations.

    Acadia National Park
    The trails in this national park take people through forests before continuing on along the coastal rocky paths. Anyone who is hiking along the cliffs will want to keep an eye out for the harbor seals that can always be seen sunning themselves on the rocks.

    The Adirondacks
    The Adirondacks is a great hiking destination throughout the year, but many people prefer to hike these mountains during the fall when the leaves are changing colors. One of the best mountains is Prospect, because the views extend for almost a hundred miles on a clear day. People can also see the old remnants of the longest cable railroad that transported people to the hotel at the top of the mountain back in the late 1800s and the early 1900s.

    Hiking is a great way to explore an area while seeing the best views from high up above the rest of the town or city. Anyone who has never been hiking will want to try an easy trail at first and then work their way to one of the more difficult ones, because these experiences cannot be achieved in any other way.

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